Kirkland Signature Marine Battery 12V 27DC

  • CAD 175.49

Kirkland Signature Marine Battery

Group Size: 27DC
Item# 207220

  • Heavy-duty plates designed to deliver greater cycle life
  • Maximum power to run trolling motor, fish locators, running lights, radio and power motor lifts
  • Corrosion-resistant combination post and study terminals offer versatility and quick-connect/disconnect for accessories

Seasonally available in warehouse only

Warranty: 12 month free replacement period, 36 months prorated

Battery Specifications:

  • Cold Cranking Amps – 675
  • Cranking Amps – 845
  • Reserve Capacity – 180
  • Amp Hours – 120
  • Voltage – 12V

Costco offers a complete line of deep-cycle batteries to fit all of your marine and RV needs. The marine starting battery is designed to deliver bursts of engine starting power to get the boat out on the water faster. The deep-cycle marine batteries deliver the power needed to handle all of the boating and RV accessories, ensuring consistent power through the entire season. Kirkland Signature marine batteries offer a maintenance-free design.

Dimensions: (millimetres)

  • Length: 327
  • Width: 171
  • Height: 242

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