NOFRILLS 925 Southdale Rd W

Colonel Talbot at Southdale NB - #2619, London, ON N6P 0B3, Canada


two-biteMini Vanilla Cupcakes 12 Pa...

GaudetPie, Cherry

Donut Timngel Food Cake

Little DebbieCosmic Brownies with C...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Little DebbiePastries Honey Buns 6 ...

Oatml & Chocolate Cookies

Loaf Cake, Banana

Little DebbieOatml Creme Pies 12 Sn...

Oatml Raisin Cookies

Loaf Cake, Marble

Frozen Apple Pie 10 Inc

Loaf Cake, Cinnamon Swirl

Little DebbieFudge Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

President's ChoiceGluten Free Choco...

Old Fashion Donuts

Little DebbieFrosted Fudge Cake

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Pecan Butter Tarts6

CharlottesCookies & Crm Cake 6"

Oatml Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatml Raisin Cookies

Two-Bite Brownies

Sponge Cakes

DelcatoPetit Fours Gourmet Assorted

DelcatoBaklava Traditional

Frozen Cherry Pie 10 Inc

Mini Chocolate Boston Donuts

CharlottesRed Velvet Cake with Crm ...

Trsure MillsBanana Choc Chip 12 Pac...

Old MillLoaf Cakes, Club Pack1

President's ChoiceGluten Free Choco...

President's ChoiceGluten Free Lemon...

PC Blue MenuBrownies, Two Bite

Fm T&S Shortbrd Cookies Pk 12


Bar Cake, Red Velvet1.1

Fudge Square

President's ChoiceGluten Free Mini ...

Frozen Blueberry Pie 10 Inc

Little DebbieSwiss Rolls 12 Snack C...