Trout Pheromones and Gel Fish Bait

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Product Details

True active pheromones are the most potent attractants in nature. A wounded fish will emit distress pheromones which are intended to activate bigger fish predators. The capacity of a fish to smell is documented to be approximately 1,000 times better then a dog. Monette Outdoor’s PheromoxTM is a synthetic pheromone which mimics the animal’s natural pheromones and acts as a biological trigger in its brain. Using advanced genetic keying and enzyme activators, the smell of pheromones in distress will last more than 48 hours but the gel is always reusable.

    • Pour one vial of pheromones into the gel bottle when you are fishing.
    • Mix both products together.
    • Wait 30 seconds before applying on a lure, an artificial or live bait.  
    • The pheromones will remain activated for 48 hours before needing another vial added. At that time repeat steps 1 to 3.
    • The gel is always reusable.

  • 4 synthetic pheromone vials
  • 30 g of gel
  • Brush included
  • Shelf life of 4 years

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