WireLogic Sapphire 3.60 m (12 ft.) High Speed HDMI Cable, 2-pack

  • CAD 25.99


  • Two 3.60 m (12 ft.) of high speed cables with Ethernet
  • 4K UltraHD (Transmits 18Gbps, Up To 4K/60p And 4K/3D When Used With HDMI 2.0 Electronics)
  • Compatible with all HDMI standards
  • In-Wall Rated CL3/FT4 Jacket
  • Solid Copper Conductors
  • The WireLogic™ high speed with Ethernet HDMI™ cable’s superior construction provides enhanced audio performance. This high performance cable supports all current formats including Blu-ray and 3D. Ideal for flat panel TVs, stands or wall mount applications, the small cable head provides a tight fit between your flat screen TV and the wall, allowing for easy install.

    • Two 3.60 m (12 ft.) high speed cables with Ethernet
    • Compatible with all HDMI™ standards  
    • In-wall rated CL3/FT4 jacket  
    • Solid copper conductors  
    • Supports 3D  
    • Delivers 1080p resolution  
    • 48 bit deep colour capability  
    • Supports all frame rates including 120, 240 and 600 Hz  
    • Handles all available surround sound formats  
    • Over 30 years experience in high performance A/V cable manufacturing  

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