Online grocery shopping is an easy and convenient way to get your groceries delivered in a fresh condition for the specified time. During the pandemic times, even the online grocery stores have given enough support by delivering the best quality products on time. There are various grocery delivery options from local grocery stores to well-known grocery retailers offering efficient grocery delivery services to the customers. You can get  more benefits from the online grocery delivery services and minimize the drawbacks by following a few tips.

Online Grocery Shopping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today due to COVID-19 pandemic most of the customers prefer online shopping to buy groceries. So it will be a bit difficult to get the products delivered for the scheduled time or sometimes the product may be out of stock, etc. Here we came up with a few tips to make your online grocery shopping more convenient.

Check different services

Today there are a number of online grocery delivery services offering the best services such as Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Walmart, Peapod, and Shipt. Based on your location, some services will be much more popular than others. Some people find that ordering through Amazon Fresh in a particular area is best when compared to ordering groceries on Instacart. Make sure to select the delivery windows of various services before you make online grocery shopping so that much time won't be wasted on a service or it may take days to deliver your groceries.

Place orders in advance

Even though online grocery shopping is easier and faster than going directly to the grocery store, you still need to plan things in advance. Don’t postpone ordering until the last minute, as the orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Place your order as soon as possible, if your app lets you place orders beforehand. In this way, you can minimize the chances of any essential item to be out of stock by the store. This helps you to pick the suitable delivery slot in advance and schedule your day properly.

Prepare your list beforehand

In order to save your time and make efficient online grocery shopping, you need to prepare the list of grocery items in advance. If you shop without preparing a list, it may take a lot of time for you to select products on app or website. If you prepare a list of groceries required for the whole week, you will know what are the items you are going to buy and how much you need to spend on those items, which helps you in saving your time efficiently. So perfect planning is important whether you shop online or visit a grocery store to purchase products.


Select delivery slots wisely

It is very important to choose delivery slots wisely as they affect the quality of your groceries. To experience an ease in delivery services and to get fresh groceries online you need to find out when the grocery store delivers fresh products. Also, some items may sell out quickly and you need to keep a watch of those products. It is better to order the delivery of groceries early in the morning to get all the items in your list in a fresh condition with better packaging.


Order in Bulk

It is wise to order in bulk the products which are non-perishable as you can refrigerate them and use them whenever you want. Also, you need to buy the groceries in proper time which saves your money and also minimizes the frequency of your online grocery shopping. Make bulk orders if there is an excellent offer or discount on that product which can save a lot of your money making your online shopping much simpler.

Buy in-season products

When you buy seasonal products, you are most likely to get the items in the best quality. Also, the grocery stores will provide many offers, discounts for in-season products. You can get the fresh groceries from the stores for a reasonable price from which you can prepare healthy snacks, meals, etc. You can get various nutrients from the seasonal foods which nature has gifted. You can also do online grocery shopping from a local fresh store where you can even get the good quality items from the local farmers.


Make use of notes section

Some grocery delivery platforms offer a notes section where you can suggest the delivery person if you have any particular requirements. For example, you can update in the notes section with the product of your choice if the preferred product is not available. You can also recommend them to provide ripe fruits or ready to ripe or as per your need. This is very beneficial as the delivery person can deliver the products exactly as you expected.

Look for coupons

Prepare a list of items which you require for a week and look for discounts on those items. Nowadays most of the grocery stores offer special offers, discounts, promo codes, etc. which you can use to minimize the amount you spend on groceries. Even most of the customers prefer to buy the products with discounts as they need not pay the full amount and stretch their grocery budget.

Be generous to your shopper

Always be generous to your shopper as they are doing the entire grocery shopping for you to offer the best quality products. Even if they don't deliver an item in your list or sometimes a late delivery of products, be good with them and offer a good tip to your delivery person. Most of the delivery persons depend on these tips for their living and even do a lot to deliver the hygenic products for you. Respect them as they are doing the grocery shopping for you and deliver the products on time. Even some services like Amazon Fresh, Instacart, etc. offer tips to the delivery persons.


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is even much pressure on online grocery stores due to the bulk amount of orders from customers in various locations. So, there may be a delay in product delivery or some groceries may be out of stock, and many more. In order to avoid this you need to place orders in advance, order in bulk, and do your online grocery shopping in an organized way. Foodrunner is the most reputed online grocery service provider in Canada with same day pick-up and delivery of groceries. It offers good discounts on products and delivers the best quality groceries gaining the trust of customers.

Victor Denisewitsch