The outbreak of the recent pandemic has put to halt many enterprises and businesses throughout the world. It has pushed consumers to opt for online platforms depending upon various necessities. From online groceries to food delivery, online working to online classes, the entire world moved to digitization showing the relevance of digital technology playing during lockdowns. Online grocery shopping has proved influential as customers are able to purchase groceries online with the ease of shopping. The online buying system has been booming and many retailers have transformed their traditional business to online platforms.

A business model should be prepared in a way that will administer your customers the ease of shopping online with enhanced customer experience. For providing better customer experience and retaining customer engagement, the online grocery platform should comprise beneficial features that assist the consumers for convenient and easy shopping. In this blog, we have discussed the distinct features of Online Grocery Supermarket and how it has proved advantageous to the shoppers.

Unique Must-Have Features of Online Grocery Supermarket

Advanced search options

The advanced search option integrated to the platform helps customers to find their desired groceries easily. The seamless product browsing options bring a sense of convenience in consumers and hold their attention to the platform whenever they feel the need of buying online groceries.  

Shopping Cart Sharing

Ecommerce websites and online groceries have a separate segment of shopping cart. The consumers can easily search and select the product and add it to the cart. The ‘My Cart’ section will give you a visual showcase of the products you have selected. The users can share their cart with family and friends. Thereby, helping them to add products to the common cart.

Excellent UI/UX Design

The designing of the online grocery platform should be created in a way that gives enhanced shopping experience to customers. The design of an online platform plays a major role in deciding the customer's engagement to the platform and its services or products.

Easy Order Management

The platform should have an expedient order management system that enables the admin to review and check orders in addition to monitoring delivery status as well as user details. The admin panel gives flexibility to overview every business operation seamlessly.

Multiple Modes of Payment

The Online Grocery Supermarket platform has been integrated with multiple online payment options. Thus, consumers can easily add items to cart and follow the checkout process. They can easily pay through the payment options and thereby, customer satisfaction can be attained. A particular payment process can lead to problems for the customers and thus, different payment gateways shall be made available for a seamless checkout process. 

Sign-up Page

All online grocery and ecommerce platforms must have a separate sign-up section through which people can register. With the help of the ‘Create Account’ form, the customers can signup with basic information such as name, mobile number, email address, password, and so forth. There are several platforms that ask for delivery addresses and information relating to it.

Chat Support

While following a business model of online grocery shopping, one needs to keep in mind that amidst all, building personal connections with consumers is relevant. The incorporation of a chat support feature can help customers to clear queries and ask questions relating to the products.

Addition of Search Filters

Apart from the grocery section, the user is administered with a product listing page. This page comprises advanced options that are capable of filtering the products as per user preference. The retailers can opt for adding filters based on brands, deals and offers, price range, special features. .

Product Page

The product page gives insights to the products and its different information. This page is relevant to providing customers with the relevant data about the grocery item. It consists of price, description, product availability, date, and add to cart options.

Referrals and Rewards

Having referrals and rewards serves as a relevant feature creating interest within the customers. As they can refer and earn rewards they will negin referring to family and friends about your product. This is one of the potential modes to help in business growth and increasing revenue with time.

Delivery Scheduling

Nowadays, people always opts for efficient delivery of groceries. One can put the live mapping of inventory. The live mapping enables efficient on-time delivery output and streamlining different business functionalities.

Efficient Checkout Process

The checkout process is one of the most sensitive areas where customers expect efficient order placements. The process involves cart reviewing, selecting delivery slots, adding shipping addresses, selecting payment methods and so forth. At the time of reviewing cart, users are able to see the final products that they have added in cart, along with the total cost, and discount applied.

Quick Reorder

There are times when the customers want to reorder the items that they have ordered and purchased during the last time. A unique feature must be imbued in the system through which the customers can easily repeat orders that they have purchased last time. When customers get the option to easily repeat orders within a few clicks, it will engage them to buy more from your online store. This helps in laying more business opportunities and enabling business growth.

Newly Added Items

This is a method of acknowledging the customers about the arrival of the new products thus ensuring that they come to know about additions. The new added items section will give you the range of new products arrived and consumers can order as desired.

Real-Time Order Tracking

The inclusion of the real-time order tracking system helps the users to track orders from the time of placement until delivery. Similarly, the admin can also check on orders by tracking them to the delivery location.

FAQs Section

Every ecommerce and online shopping platform must have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section providing questions and answers to frequent queries. The users find it extremely helpful as it has solutions relating to account creation, sign up, how to shop, returns and cancellations, delivery details, payments, referrals, cart sharing, and voucher redemption.


In a nutshell, the aforesaid must-have features of Online Grocery Supermarket will assist in growing your business. With the help of these features, the online grocery shopping platform will become popular. Foodrunner is the top online grocery store in Canada that offers premium services and products. As the best online grocery platform, it helped streamlining business operations. 

Victor Denisewitsch