The meaning of health is defined by the world health organization as the state of physical, mental and social well being with diseases being absent in a human being. Maintaining such a state is difficult, as it relies on multiple different factors like diet, sleep and exercise and even genetics. A disease is any condition that temporarily or permanently breaks this state of well being. Some diseases are contagious and hence spread to other healthy individuals through various means. When a disease spreads to enough individuals that the collective health of an entire population is affected, it is called a pandemic. The coronavirus disease is one such pandemic that has taken the world by storm. It has caused widespread damage to many different countries and has had an impact on the global economy, food supply, industrial production and even education.

Normally, when an individual gets sick, pharmacies give them the medicines they are prescribed by their doctors. Most pharmacies exist and operate offline, and often are found near major hospitals. But at the times of a pandemic it can be difficult to sustain such normal operation. The collective opinion of the public has changed drastically since the pandemic, and more people are willing to receive medicines from an online pharmacy. Online pharmacies have also evolved to be more efficient, fast and safe since the epidemic has spread.

How to be Healthy during a Lockdown Period using Online Pharmacy Services? Since the discovery of how Covid-19 virus spreads, many parts of the world have started imposing lockdowns since the pandemic started. This has made routine tasks of many people difficult. Many institutions were temporarily or permanently closed. Many organizations were forced to adopt new methods to cope. Many major hospitals and organizations have offered Online pharmacy services for the health benefits of the population. Following are the ways how online pharmacies can keep the public healthy in a lockdown period.

Flexible Pickup and Delivery Options

Online pharmacies are built in a robust manner so that they can deliver the right amount of medicines to the patient’s doorstep. Most such services offer free or low cost delivery services. Bulk medicines can also be bought, if you have the right reasons for buying in such a manner. This is possible because an online pharmacy keeps months worth of medicine stocks in carefully controlled safe environments. They also maintain or are connected with an efficient fleet management network who take care of pickup and delivery services.

Instant Notification Options are Available

Many online pharmacies can be accessed via smartphones and mobile apps. The patient is notified at constant intervals to take their medications by such mobile apps. Most apps can also recognize different medications. A patient can privately check their health plan and medication regimen. They can even receive updates about it directly from the doctor, if the app has such features.

Most Medicines are Available

The online pharmacies make sure that most medicines are available on the website. Patients can get their medicines delivered by providing the right prescriptions. Online pharmacies maintain an interconnected network between each other and make sure they do not run out of stock. Special medicines that can have side effects may require additional verifications. These are also usually available in most online pharmacies.

Prescription Receipts

An Online pharmacy operates with just as much security as a normal community pharmacy centre. The patient must submit their prescription by email, fax or other such means. The pharmacies will maintain an accurate log of what is delivered to the patient. This process of internal log update is automatic and is followed every time a medication is given out. When the prescription period ends, online pharmacies stop approving the medicine deliveries to patients automatically.

Automatic Refills

It is easier and faster to work with online pharmacies. The patient can refill their medicine with a click of a button. The process can be made automatic if the patient requires it to do so. Since the online pharmacy keeps a log of conditions of the patient producing prescriptions each time is not required. Every such refill operation also makes it to the patient log book, which is useful on many occasions.

Discounted Prices

Medicines can be brought at discounted prices in the online pharmacy store. The prices are generally lower than retail services. This is very good, especially for those who require medicines on a yearly basis. Different types of online payment options are supported by such websites, among other things. Using such services provides a strong protection against situations like a pandemic.

Doctors and Pharmacists are Always Available

Deciding between different medications requires specialized knowledge, and a patient may become unsure of their health at any time. This is why it is important that licensed pharmacists and doctors are always available in the online pharmacy site. The patient can work as remotely as possible using video calls or normal calls to connect with their doctors. If a doctor makes a new suggestion, they can get new medicines delivered without stepping outside their homes.

Public health can be improved if access to online pharmacies is made available to everyone. Most patients can easily take advantage of the many services offered by such stores when they are educated in such matters. The only important thing to remember about online pharmacies is making sure that they are legal. A legal online pharmacy will always ask for prescriptions and keep medication logs for every patient. People can easily check the legality of such websites by looking for third party certifications. Organizations like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) provide licenses for online pharmacies.


While keeping healthy is an important thing during any period, it becomes even more important during times of a pandemic. By practicing safe measures and using technology effectively, one can protect themselves from bad outcomes. Foodrunner is a canadian grocery delivery service that offers same day pickup and delivery services. It offers online pharmacy services all around the country and delivers fresh groceries within an hour.

Victor Denisewitsch