The online shopping industry which started with most non-perishable items like electronics and retail has recently been shifting to other products which are either hard to deliver or store effectively. One such example is grocery, as grocery products are only best consumed when they are fresh. Grocery products include all dairy products which are hard to store and include vegetables and different types of other culinary items like seafood which are hard to obtain fresh. Grocery products also include non-perishable food items like canned foods, eggs, oils and other such products. Selling these products online has certainly become a major way of doing business these days, but these online businesses must know what the consumers want if they are to function well.

An online grocery shop is usually equipped with features that make it easier for consumers to choose between various grocery products and then ways to pay remotely and ways to get those items delivered to their doorstep. Apart from this most consumers also want a considerable degree of quality with their service provider, as there are many grocery products that are perishable. Delivery time is also very important, as a survey suggested that most consumers would abandon an online store if they delivered late on more than two occasions. This has been true both for retail and grocery shopping online. Thus businesses should before anything else, make sure that they have enough resources and strategies to complete the delivery jobs within the standards that today’s market demands.

What Consumers look for in an online grocery shop

If a business wants maximum engagement from its customers, it must know what its customers require the most and must work hard to deliver such requirements. This article will explore some of the key requirements that a successful grocery store online should meet and also discuss strategies on how to meet them. Following are some of the many such things that a customer may look for from a particular grocery store online.


The online grocery shop must encompass various grocery items that cater to the needs of a large audience. Tastes vary across different cultures, and when shopping is taken online, the shop must contain all possible types of grocery items. It has been proven by statistics that variety increases revenue and sales of the business. The business can use advanced software to determine which customers want which items so that they can stock such items efficiently.


The way that a delivery job is carried out of the grocery items is extremely important. The speed of delivery, flexibility and customer experience all matter when it comes to the delivery process. The quality of food when delivered must also be very high so efficient packaging methods also become important. The supply chain system of the online grocery shop must ensure that sufficient technology and equipment are present at all times for the delivery processes to occur smoothly.

Following are the details on how delivery processes can be made efficient in online grocery stores.

1. Delivery speed can be increased by efficient location tracking mechanisms and faster and efficient delivery agents in the supply chain
2. Transparency in the delivery process can be increased by giving regular updates to the customer about the delivery process
3. Customer experience can be made better through the use of proof of delivery instant messaging to delivery agents and quick response from business administrators.


Website interface

The online grocery shop business is only as effective as its website is friendly to the user. The website UI(user interface) must be made such that the consumer can easily navigate to the parts they want to, without much assistance. The website should be responsive and work both on smartphones and desktops. The website should be dynamic, load fast and should not have performance issues during any type of work the user may do on the website.

Online payment

The website should have online payment mechanisms integrated into it. This is essential so that customers can enjoy secure and fast transactions with the business. It also helps a lot if any issues with the order arise. If the online business is accessible on an application, the application must also come with online payment as an essential feature. The payment feature must be secure and work fast even if many people use it at once.



Communication and transparency are two very important things for the online grocery shop. Notifications must be sent automatically to customers and delivery agents and actions must be taken if any issues arise in order fulfilment, delivery or returns. The customers also look for grocery shops that follow their requests effectively, thus the policy of the grocery shop in dealing with any issues regarding communication also becomes extremely important.

The popularity and importance of online grocery stores, even though already increasing over several decades has seen a huge inflow of consumers who would prefer the traditional way of shopping into online shopping deals. This is because the new covid-19 pandemic has rendered it dangerous to go outside to shop every day. Now businesses must find a way to effectively deal with increased traffic to their online website and must also ensure the safety of the products that are sold to them. The businesses that make sure all customer demands are met will stay profitable in the industry.


There are many things a consumer might look for in online grocery stores, but mostly they pertain to things that increase convenience, quality and flexibility. It is hard for businesses to maintain all of these at the same time, but now with the advancements of technology many online shops routinely do it. Foodrunner is a Canadian grocery delivery service that delivers groceries on the same day to its customers. They have their offices in Toronto, Canada and deliver groceries all around the country. This is made possible as the company works closely with various grocery producers to effectively manage stock and the supply chain.

Victor Denisewitsch