Auto-Chem RV CARE Cleaning Kit

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Product Details

The Auto-Chem RV CARE cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean your RV, motor home or travel trailer. From gel wash cleaner with wash mitt, vapourizing wax, rubber and vinyl protector, citrus multi-purpose cleaner, applicator pad and microfibre cloth.

RV WASH & SHINE Gel Wash Cleaner:
  • Highly concentrated gel soap with carnauba wax
  • Does not contain any aggressive surfactants
  • Biodegradable, pH neutral
  • Foaming action that loosens stubborn dirt
  • Leaves no marks and rinses easily
  • Leaves a protective shine
  • Won’t harm or fade decals
RV EASY WAX Waterless Spray Wax:
  • Quick and easy, cleans and protects in one-step operation
  • Waterless cleaner and polish for any smooth surfaces
  • Natural wax with hydrophobic polymer and NANO technology UV protection
  • Removes black streaks on sides of RV’s
  • Removes bug stains from windshield and vehicle body
  • Will not generate any scratches or streaks on the surface while cleaning and polishing
RV RUBBER & VINYL Multi-purpose Protector:
  • Water-base polymer formula fortified with silicone and NANO UV protection
  • Conditions and softens rubber roofs
  • Prevents premature cracking
  • Increases the material durability and brings back the satin finish
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Can be use on all types of rubber, plastic and vinyl like rubber roofs, tires, door and window trims, bumpers, mouldings, dashboards and vinyl seats
RV CITRUS CLEANER Multi-purpose Cleaner Degreaser:
  • Highly concentrated formula with natural orange solvent
  • Biodegradable with environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Removes black streaks and bug stains
  • Formulated to lift up carbonized and caramelized oil stains as well as grease, salt and most type of stains
  • Leaves a citrus scent
Luxury Microfibre Cloths:
  • Black and grey
  • 40.6 cm x 40.6 cm (16 in. x 16 in.)
  • Synthetic polishing cloths for improved residue adherence
  • Seamless for a more uniformly polished finish
  • Safe for all types of finishes
  • Machine washable
Super foam wash mitt:
  • Made from superior quality materials
  • Extra soft texture
  • Ideal for the most delicate finishes and a thorough cleaning
Synthetic Chamois:
  • 61 cm x 45.7 cm (24 in. x 18 in.)
  • Feels and absorbs like a real chamois
  • Long lasting
  • Cleans easily
Dry Blade:
  • Made of high quality silicone
  • Soft, will not scratch even the most delicate finishes
  • Allows for faster drying
Bug Sponge:
  • Soft and absorbent, coated with an extra fine black mesh to remove tar, bugs and other dirt
What’s Included:
    • 1 x 2 L RV WASH & SHINE gel wash cleaner (no.7200)
    • 1 x 950 ml RV EASY WAX waterless spray wax (no.7020)
    • 1 x 950 ml RV RUBBER & VINYL multi-purpose protector (no.7100)
    • 1 x 1 L AQUA MAGIC black slide cleaner (no. 8230)
    • 1 x 950 ml RV CITRUS CLEANER multi-purpose cleaner (no.7230)
    • 1 x luxury microfibre black and grey cloth (no. 4011)
    • 1 x super foam wash mitt (no. 4308)
    • 1 x synthetic chamois (no. 4008)
    • 1 x dry blade (no.1304)
    • 1 x bug sponge
    • 1 x bucket 13 L (3.4 gal.)

Model:  7700C


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