Valterra Pure Power Blue 2-in-1 Bowl Cleaner and Tank Treatment Drop-ins, 60-pack

  • CAD 140.99

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  • With BioBlastPlus™ odor control technology and biological enzyme           

    Product Details

    The Valterra Pure Power Blue cleaner keeps the toilet bowl clean while treating the septic tank. The biological enzyme and bacterial formula used in Pure Power Blue keeps the septic tank clog free in all temperatures while the BioBlastPlus™ odour control technology keeps a fresh clean scent. It is accepted in all campgrounds.

    • 6 bags of 10 drop-ins (60 total)
    • Biological enzyme and bacterial formula: Enhances the septic tank and keeps it clog free
    • BioBlastPlus™ odour control technology: Gives the septic tank a fresh clean scent
    • Single pack treats 151.4 L (40 gal.) tank
    • Performs in all temperatures
    • Accepted in all campgrounds

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