Kirkland Signature Golf Battery

  • CAD 175.49

Kirkland Signature Golf Battery

Group Size: GC2
Item# 114723

  • Increased battery cycles for long life

  • Delivers better performance in high heat and rough terrain environments
  • Built tough to withstand repetitive cycling

  • Provides consistent durable terminals
  • Solar energy rechargeable

Seasonally available in warehouse only

Warranty: 12 month free replacement period


Battery Specifications:

  • Cold Cranking Amps – n/a
  • Cranking Amps – n/a
  • Reserve Capacity – 107
  • Amp Hours – 208
  • Voltage – 6V

Whether you need a battery to get you through that second round of golf or for industrial applications like scissor lifts, floor scrubbers or solar power, Costco golf cart batteries are built to provide the reliable deep-cycle power you need. The Costco GC2 is built to last, with high-density active material and specially formulated grid alloy that enables it to withstand the stress of repetitive cycling and vibration.

Dimensions: (millimetres)

  • Length: 264
  • Width: 183
  • Height: 277

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