Online grocery shopping is an easy and interesting way to buy groceries. Even though customers need to follow a few important steps to have a hassle-free shopping experience. Customers need to check the best online grocery store within their location, compare prices with the other websites, create an account, browse the required products, and mention the delivery address clearly to make a quick and convenient shopping. Most of the grocery stores have now become digital as customers are looking to purchase everything  online.

Grocery Shopping on Online Shopping Sites

Customers need to understand a few important things before going to do online grocery shopping. Let's have a look at what customers need to know while purchasing groceries on online shopping sites.


Find an online grocery store

Customers need to find an online grocery store that delivers products to their location. Search for the online grocery stores that provide online grocery shopping and delivery services. Do a research on the Internet to know about the online stores within your location that offer the best and free delivery services. Thoroughly check the products and discounts on the website before going to start online shopping. Also, check the customer feedback and reviews to know better about the services of online grocery stores to get a better shopping experience.

Compare different websites

While going through different online grocery websites, you can also check and  compare the prices of different online stores to make sure that you get the groceries delivered for a reasonable price. You can even check the list of products, brands, discounts, etc. to know about the reliability and quality of products in a particular online grocery store. Select the website that provides the best quality products of top brands even if the cost is a bit high as it is always recommended to buy quality rich products from a top online shopping site while shopping online.

Create an account to buy groceries

After selecting the online store to buy groceries, customers need to create an account. It is a very easy process to create an account to do online grocery shopping in Canada. Customers just need to provide a few details to complete the registration process. Customers can create an account by giving details like name, mobile number, email id, etc., to get the products delivered. After creating an account, customers need to sign in with their username and password to view all the products and do online grocery shopping.

Browse the required products

Once the account is created, customers can easily sign in using their username and password to browse the required products from a wide variety of groceries available in the online store. Online grocery websites come with various features to offer customers a convenient shopping experience. They provide a variety of products with category names which makes customers do online grocery shopping in Canada quickly and easily. Customers can go through all the given products in the online grocery website and select the best products. Customers can easily add the selected products to the cart, make a wishlist of desired products, and also view their previous purchases while doing online grocery shopping.

Prepare a shopping list

Try to make a list of items that you want to buy so that you will not waste any time shopping online. While doing online grocery shopping in Canada, some online stores provide options to view previous orders. You can easily check those products when you are shopping the next time. This helps in buying all the essential products without forgetting. In traditional shopping, you may forget to buy a few necessary items while focusing on the other products which are more interesting even if not much needed for you. Also, you will not be able to check the previous orders or get any recommendations to buy products. Hence, online grocery shopping is the best option to buy groceries in a convenient way.

Go to checkout

Once all the products are selected, customers can add them to the cart. Check all the products, prices, and quantities before going to place an order. Then the customers can proceed for the checkout process to make bill payment by mentioning all the necessary details. Online grocery sites provide an easy check out process, where the customers can just complete their checkout by just having a few details. Already registered customers can even complete the checkout process quickly while new customers may need to create an account and register to complete the checkout process.

Mention your delivery address

It is very important to mention your delivery address clearly so that the order you have placed will be delivered on time. Make sure to provide the address that you want the product to be delivered while you create an account in the online grocery store. This helps the delivery person to reach the exact location without any confusion. Sometimes if the address is not clearly mentioned, delivery persons need to search for your location which consumes a lot of time and delays product delivery. Even some websites will clearly ask you to mention details like door number, street name, nearby landmark, city name, etc. to offer exceptional grocery delivery services to the customers.

Provide your payment method

Most of the grocery websites offer various payment methods like credit or debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, cash on delivery, etc. to facilitate hassle-free payment processes to their customers. Customers can choose their preferred payment method to complete their online shopping and get the groceries delivered to their door. Let the grocery websites save your payment details so that you need not provide the details everytime you shop through that website. Once the payment is done and you click on the place order button, you will get a confirmation email or SMS that the order is placed along with the estimated delivery time and other details.


Today most of the customers are showing interest in buying groceries online. But a few things like selecting the best local grocery store, comparing the prices with other sites, etc. need to be considered before purchasing groceries online. Online grocery shopping in Canada has become easy with Foodrunner, a top online grocery service provider based in Canada with same day pick up and delivery delivery services. It provides fresh groceries to the customers ensuring on time delivery services.

Victor Denisewitsch