Today, online grocery shopping is booming as most of the customers are purchasing groceries online. Even the number of grocery websites are expected to expand in the coming years as most of the supermarkets prefer to shift online. This leads to tough competition for the grocery retailers where necessary steps need to be implemented in order to improve the online grocery shopping experience of your customers. In order to attract your customers you need to make your website's appearance much more impressive. A responsive and easy to navigate website with quick loading will surely improve your customers' online shopping experience.

Ideas to improve the online grocery shopping experience

In order to offer a great online shopping experience for the customers there are few ideas and techniques that can impress your customers and make them feel comfortable while shopping. Let’s discuss the latest ideas that enhance the online grocery shopping experience of your customers.

Ease of use

Make it easy for your customers to search for your products easily and quickly through various search filters where customers can find the required item, and add it to the cart. By giving all the information of the products like brand name, price, pack size, ingredients, nutritional values, expiry dates, etc. can give more clarity about the product. Making it possible to re-order their previous orders will help the customers a lot by saving their time and offering a great online grocery shopping experience to the customers. Also ensure that your website loads quickly, in case if it takes more time to load customers will not buy the products from your website which may greatly affect your sales.


Mention the important details up front

All the necessary information including shipping prices, time of delivery, locations included in the service, and any other details must be clearly mentioned before the customer adds a single product to the cart. Once the customer adds all the required products to the cart, the next step like proceed to checkout or billing, etc. should be displayed in advance so that the customer can clearly get to know about the upcoming steps. Once the billing is done, it must be notified to the customer with ‘‘order placed’’ successfully with complete details like time of delivery, products purchased, payment details, etc. This helps in building strong relationships with the customers as it enhances the online grocery shopping experience of the customers.


Mobile friendly

Nowadays as most of the customers prefer to shop groceries online through their mobile phone when compared to the desktop, laptop, or any other devices, make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Also, ensure the image  of your products appears clearly in the mobile as this allows your customers to make their online grocery shopping conveniently. According to a survey, 63% of the website traffic and 53% of the total sales are made through mobile phones. This clearly shows that your website needs to be responsive to make your customers do their shopping easily and make all the transactions conveniently.


Focus on website appearance

As the appearance of your website gives a first impression to your customers, make your website design appealing to your customers so that you can stand ahead of your competitors. Customers may not buy in the websites which appear clumsy and disorganized, as they can not spend much time on your website to find the products they are looking for. Even if the look of your website doesn’t impress your customers, it is most likely that they will not make any purchases from your website. So, you need to focus on creating impressive logos, taglines, color schemes, animations, videos, etc. on your website that are captivating and engaging to your target audience.


Easy to navigate & Quick loading

When you look at most of the top ecommerce websites you can easily find all their websites with quick loading and smooth navigation. So make sure that your customers are able to navigate easily from one page to another page. Make your website user-friendly making it easy for your customers to select the products they are looking for and complete the checkout process easily. As the improper navigation will be more annoying to your customers which makes them unclear about the next steps to finish their billing process, it is highly recommended to have a website which is easy to navigate with quick loading.

Consider live chat

Live chat functionality will offer your customers a great online grocery shopping experience as they clear any of their doubts in real-time and get all their queries answered just with a single click. Today most of the grocery websites are coming up with Live chat option as it improves the customer loyalty and helps in acquiring new customers. Live chat is one of the best things you can provide to your customers where you can easily connect with them and clear their problems in real-time. This chat option will offer appropriate answers to the questions of your customers making them more comfortable to buy your products.

Deliver fresh quality items

It is most important to offer fresh quality products to your customers which helps in improving your brand reputation and promotes your brand. According to the research, the most common worry among the customers who shop groceries online is about the quality of the products or the products getting spoiled due to improper packaging. So to avoid this, mention clearly on the items about the details of the product, how to store the product. and how many days the product will be in good condition. Also, let your customers exchange their items or avail money back which makes them feel confident to shop online from your grocery store. Provide them multiple payment options which makes their online grocery shopping more easy.


As there are a number of online grocery stores which are emerging every day, it is more essential to make your potential customers much more comfortable while shopping for groceries on your website. You need to keep updated about the latest trends and ideas to improve the online grocery shopping experience of your customers. This helps in improving your brand reputation and acquiring new customers. Foodrunner is the best online grocery service provider in Canada with same day pick-up and delivery of grocery items.

Victor Denisewitsch