When it comes to online grocery delivery, the expectations of customers are increasing constantly. The convenient and multiple grocery delivery options play a key role which makes most of the customers prefer to do online shopping. According to research, nearly 50% of customers  prefer to pay more for  better delivery options, while 66% of customers select one grocery store over another as it provides various delivery options. The main hurdle that the grocery retailers are facing today is sending the products quickly and conveniently to customers while keeping the products in a perfect condition. Now there are many latest advancements and technologies to follow in order to offer the placed order in a proper condition to the customer quickly and efficiently.

Most Convenient Grocery Delivery Options for Customers

Grocery retailers must know the most preferable grocery delivery options that the customers are looking for. This helps in delivering the groceries on time as per the preference of the customers. It strengthens the relationship with the customers, improves conversion rate, and boosts your sales.

Scheduled delivery

One of the best grocery delivery options that customers always prefer is the scheduled delivery of products. They want the products to be delivered to their doorsteps at the mentioned time and date. This helps in minimizing the repeated deliveries as the customers will be surely at their home at the specified time. This even saves the time of the delivery providers as they need not wait or come again to deliver that particular product. Even it offers a better user experience for the customers and builds brand loyalty. These  scheduled deliveries also help customers to send a product as a gift to their family or friends at the right time.

Delivery drones

Delivery drones are booming nowadays, as they can deliver the orders very quickly to the customers. Even the customers who place the orders at the last moment can receive their products within minutes. Most of the customers are even ready to pay more to get their orders delivered quickly to their doorstep. Drones are weather-dependent but still are considered as one of the best grocery delivery options as they deliver products very quickly. Although delivery drones are not widely implemented by many online grocery stores today, it is for sure in the coming years the delivery of products through drones will become the trend and change the whole scenario of grocery delivery.


Delivery Robots

Delivery Robots are an alternative to delivery drones where customers can monitor the drones through their smartphone app. Even customers are more interested in getting their products delivered through a robot as they can control the journey of a self-driving delivery robot on their mobile app. Also, these delivery robots let customers receive their products to any location and any time of their choice. The delivery robots are environment-friendly and cost effective when compared to last-mile delivery options. In the future, this technology will let customers make last minute purchases of necessary items and get them delivered very quickly to their door.


Same day delivery

Many customers nowadays have a great  demand for same day delivery of their grocery items. If you are not able to deliver the groceries on the same day, it can affect your brand reputation and lead to decreased sales. You may even lose your long term customers which really affects your business a lot if the groceries are not delivered on time. Delivering the groceries on time will improve customer credibility and improve the conversion rate. As a top online grocery service provider, you must consider the same day grocery delivery option as it helps in acquiring new customers and enhancing overall ROI of your business.

Local delivery

Local delivery can be the best option if you have your own vehicle like truck, etc. Then you can deliver the products easily to your customers without depending on any logistics service providers. Even you need to mention clearly to your customers that you will provide service to particular places with pin codes or a distance radius. You can mention the price details like price per order or price based on the weight of each item. This helps your customers to place orders easily and quickly. You should all mention the dates and timings that are available for local delivery and the dates which are already booked so that customers can make convenient shopping.


Store Pick-up

Some customers prefer to purchase groceries in-store while coming to store for pick-up of products which saves a lot of time and also they can buy groceries quickly. In such a case, you should know whether the customer comes near to your store or wants to collect it while staying in the car outside the store or a place nearer to your store. To know all these, you need to communicate efficiently with your customers by sending reminders and notifications when their pick up time is very close. You can also call them to collect all the details like any delay in their arrival, where to meet for product delivery, etc. You can also assist them if they have any queries about your store pick-up services.

Multiple delivery options

Always keep the customers choice in mind and provide them with multiple delivery options which makes them comfortable to shop groceries online. You can offer various grocery delivery options based on the lifestyle of the customers, how much budget they can afford for delivery services, how quickly they want the products to be delivered, etc. You can also ask for customer suggestions or feedback to improve your services and provide them better grocery delivery services. This offers great shopping experience to your customers and helps in strengthening your relationships with the customers


As most of the customers are looking for convenient grocery delivery options according to their preferences, grocery retailers need to offer multiple grocery delivery options to boost their sales. Foodrunner is the best online grocery delivery service provider in Canada with same day pick-up and delivery of grocery items. It offers multiple grocery delivery options and makes sure to deliver the products on time to the customers in a fresh condition.

Victor Denisewitsch