Grocery items are all the food products that a household needs on an occasional basis. They include both perishable and non-perishable food products. Fresh vegetables are sold in grocery stores and such stocks are often resupplied every day. Traditionally, these activities meant that grocery store owners had to work offline and deal with all the logistics. Grocery stores that have evolved into online businesses these days also do great offline work, but this is now mostly limited to logistics. The bulk of the material in the offline store can easily reach more consumers when the store is integrated with online technology. But in the business world, ever more reach and convenience are always preferred. Online grocery websites can now turn to mobile applications to increase such features.

Because of the rise in technology, online grocery stores actually perform better than stores that don’t use such technology. This is because such technology often benefits the consumers of the grocery store as well. Consumers often do not want to physically carry their groceries often, and they want the convenience of instant payment even in grocery transactions. All this and more can be easily established with mobile applications. The advantage for grocery store owners who already have an online website is that mobile applications increase their reach and easily increase consumer satisfaction levels. The customer satisfaction levels draw more people to the business, and this increases the revenue and sales of the business.

How mobile apps help both consumers and the online grocery store

The mobile applications of the present era can handle many activities efficiently because of the increase in processing capabilities. One such activity is making the online grocery business be more valuable. The value here refers to both monetary and utilitarian value. Following are the many ways that mobile applications help both consumers and store owners of online grocery.

Order Tracking Feature

This feature is really the feature that steps up the game in logistics handling of the grocery business. This feature when integrated into the mobile app helps the grocery ordering and delivering services in two ways. First, the customer is presented with an accurate map of where the order is and when it will be delivered to them. The second thing is that grocery store owners can keep track of every order and supply seamlessly to consumers. If anything goes wrong en-route, the grocery store will know immediately and appropriate action can be taken about it.

Better Inventory and Order Management

The grocery store must handle the various inventory that it uses for consistent deliveries. The mobile app is responsible for making sure every inventory is in place. This helps the major employee groups in the grocery ordering and delivery services. This is the benefit from the grocery store point of view. From the consumer’s point of view, the efficiency of the service is increased. Consumers also never get misplaced orders or delayed orders. This is because the mobile app also has an order management feature for both the store and the consumer. The store can keep track of various orders at once. The consumers manage the many orders they receive from the grocery store.

Faster and Secure Payment Options

This is also a feature that helps both the online grocery store and the consumer. For the consumers, this feature helps them to reduce the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash. It also helps them to accurately keep track of their spending. On the other hand, the online grocery store profits greatly from the ease of use of such cashless payments. The mobile app indirectly helps the grocery store to keep track of their sales.

Consumer Behavior Analysis and Personalization

This feature is of greater importance to the online store. Since large amounts of data can be tracked by a mobile application, it can be beneficial to the store. The data can then be used to personalize the grocery menu for each customer. Non-personal data can be used for such personalization, but it is handled in a secure manner. Customer data can be then analyzed for consumer’s interests and buying behaviors. The consumer here gets the advantage of the personalization of menus. This means the consumer is presented with options that they desire, which is certainly helpful for them. Such personalization is updated in real-time, keeping the customer satisfaction levels intact.

Enhanced Convenience for Everyone

Mobile apps certainly make the grocery order and delivery services convenient, and such convenience is experienced on both sides. On the store owner’s side, the mobile app helps in keeping accurate track of orders and helps in faster cashless payments. It is also easy to send customized notifications to consumers about the order arrivals. On the consumer side, the enhanced convenience is in the act of remote order of grocery itself. With a simple login with the username and password credentials, the application can instantly recognize the customer and then deliver services to them. Features like cash on delivery and online payments make it very easy for the consumer.

Works as a Branding Mechanism for the Business

The mobile app ultimately helps the online grocery store in creating a name for itself. Branding helps the business grow as consumers recognize the product quality with the store’s name. Most grocery items have perishable property. But when the online store handles the grocery delivery system well, the mobile application works in tandem with the store to grow its brand. The branding increases the trust of the consumers and increases the likelihood of business success.


As we can see, mobile apps play a crucial role for businesses that want to sell groceries. Mobile applications are incredibly popular among the consumer community, because of the enhanced convenience offered by them. Statistics around the world show that grocery shopping applications with delivery facilities are the future. FoodRunner is a same-day pickup and delivery service based in Canada. It promises delivery of groceries or any other product in Canada only within an hour.

Victor Denisewitsch