There are specific practices in the industry that lead to better quality products being delivered to the consumer. These are procured through various methods, including innovation, redesign or a new deal that can be put forward to the consumer. Both demand and supply side are involved in the making of a trend. Such trends can both last long or wither away quickly depending on the trend itself and the further environmental factors that influence it. Grocery shopping for instance has taken up the trend of going online these days. Online grocery London has evolved a lot since this has happened.

Both the years 2020 and 2021 have been hard on most people in the world since they saw a huge lockdown because of the COVID pandemic and people were forced to stay indoors. This changed the grocery shopping industry quite drastically and influenced shopping trends in a more intense manner than what would otherwise normally occur. However other factors have also influenced grocery shopping online this year. We will explore more of such trends in detail and we will see how this will affect both consumers and grocery stores. We will also look at the grocery delivery stores.

Trends in online grocery shopping 2021

There have been many trends that have come together in the year 2021. Nearly all of these have been impacted by the pandemic, but each has many entities working together to make it happen. Both consumers and the online grocery services are impacted by these trends. Following are the many such trends that have become apparent this year in the realm of online grocery shopping.


Using Efficient Supply Chain Technology

To create a good synchronization between supply and demand there has to be precision in the orders that come through. The storage capacity of the store should be always used to its fullest extent so that the consumers can buy what they want. This is also true for online grocery stores that still need to deliver groceries to the consumers. All this has to be done without the reduction in quality level or speed of delivery. In these days of the internet, photos of any defect can go viral and make the business lose its profits. The supply chain is maintained by using an efficient supply chain management software and automating against the many environmental obstacles the logistics of grocery delivery has to face.

Out of the box delivery options

Since there is very high competition in the delivery business, online businesses are differentiating themselves through innovative delivery options. Technology is used wherever possible and high-end programming is used to lessen the delay surrounding delivery. Artificial intelligence and big data are used to give each customer personalized grocery items. All this is done only after taking the customer’s permission. Once the delivery agent reaches your doorstep you receive a notification on the grocery app. This will prove as proof of delivery after the consumer verifies the delivery status. The app’s technological advancements also allow the consumer to improve the delivery process by rating the delivery. The agent gets route optimization tips and accurate roadmaps for faster delivery. Warehouses in prime locations are also increased to help the delivery process.

Voice Orders

Speaking of technology, voice ordering technology has become a leading trend in recent years and therefore we have a lot to explore regarding this trend alone. It was not an option in the early days because of the complexity in processing voices in real time and computers also had a hard time understanding it. According to popular research, half of the searches in online grocery London 2020 can be attributed to voice search. Although Ask Peapod, Walmart’s Voice Order and Alexa are popular choice it isn’t long that independent online stores offer their own assistants in their apps. If the payment details are already added once in the shopping app, the consumer may order the product directly through voice order and may be required to do minimal verification work only at the time of payment.

Subscription Shopping

The online grocery market community is also increasingly offering personalizations to each individual customer in tiers of their subscription or loyalty level. Trends indicate that some online grocery stores take the responsibility of delivering groceries in a predetermined schedule, remembering the grocery items for the consumers and giving discounts and offers based on the usage of the online shopping service. This is usually termed “subscription shopping”, and is a method the online services use to gather more customer loyalty. This has been a rather intense trend that has been seen in the year of 2021. This is incredibly beneficial for both consumers and the store and serves as a win-win.

Customer-centric shopping websites

The more you may look into it, the more you will find that the online grocery shopping London has become customer-centric. Since many customers have now become health conscious it has become important for the grocery stores to have the information at hand about every grocery item they are selling. The information can be pertaining to details like where the item was grown, how it was processed and how it should be eaten by the consumer. Many online shops also offer recipes associated with a particular product to make the consumer attracted to the service.

While these are the primary trends, there are many other trends that are around the corner for the grocery businesses that have taken themselves online. Obviously, since many previous “trends” like an app service or online payments have now become the norm, there is a possibility that many of these practices can also do the same.


One needs to take care of trends if they are to efficiently get the best grocery items every day. This can seem difficult, but with a minimal amount of research and following some good practices customers can make sure of healthy eating habits in their busy work lives. Foodrunner is a Canadian grocery pickup and delivery service that operates out of London and Ontario in Canada. We work together with many Canadian grocery producers and use enhanced supply chain mechanisms to keep the groceries we deliver fresh and healthy.

Victor Denisewitsch