Grocery is the general term for food items that include vegetables, whole grains, milk, and similar items that can often be perishable. Grocery shopping is a very essential part of the daily life of most city dwellers. This is understandable, as the production of groceries is difficult within the city. Because of the busy schedule, most people have these days, it is impossible for them to live without shopping for groceries. Such shopping might be from offline stores or online marketplaces. No matter the type of shopping, it is essential that people follow some measures that help conserve the environment.

Since virtually everyone needs grocery items, there are serious impacts of small decisions that are made in grocery shopping practice. For example, Amazon has noted a 43 percent decrease in carbon emission when driving to whole foods is replaced by online order of the whole foods. The use of biodegradable items, and being wary of highly packaged items are some ways that people can contribute to the eco-friendliness of the grocery shopping practice. Everyone should stay aware of the fact that grocery shopping is done regularly and should do their part in helping the environment.

Some Essential features of Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping

Generally, the standard practices become identified as features. These features are to be incorporated by people who go shopping for their groceries. The features of eco-friendly grocery shopping listed here apply mostly in the same manner to different consumers. This is because the list encompasses broad concepts that are essential if one is to care about environment-friendly practices. Following are some of the most essential features of eco-friendly grocery shopping.

Buying food in bulk

This is one of the easiest features of eco-friendly grocery shopping. It involves fewer visits to the store and planning on the part of the consumer. Such planning is necessary for buying bulk grocery items. Grocery items that are perishable can be bought by incorporating suitable packaging techniques or incorporating time management. Environmental harm can be reduced by buying most grocery food in bulk, and buying perishable products early, and storing them correctly.

Non-motorized transport

Using non-motorized transport is another one of the essential features of eco-friendly shopping. This is also true for grocery shopping, although the size of the bags tends to increase when considering grocery shopping. It is estimated that most people in the United States drive to get their daily groceries. Sturdy baskets can be placed easily on most bicycles, and these bicycles can be then used to get groceries.

Biodegradable bags

These have been the technological savior when it comes to shopping practices. They have been the number one factor in the reduction of non-recyclable items. Plastic dominated as the most used item for grocery shopping. Plastic takes a long time to decay, and most plastic would end up in the oceans. This has caused lots of aquatic life to die. Biodegradable bags which are made of processed canvas and paper are much friendlier to the environment. They can also provide the same strength and durability as plastic bags and cost much less to the environment.

Buying local

Local stores are just as good as the major supermarkets in delivering grocery items. And because the storage technology has significantly progressed, local stores can easily preserve grocery items. The local stores also have a plan to deliver fresh vegetables as they cannot afford to store large quantities of groceries. The local stores also run out of grocery items easily but with efficient time management buying, local becomes one of the main features of eco-friendly grocery shopping.

Being wary of overly packaged foods

Consumers usually tend to ignore packaging when it comes to shopping, but it has a great impact on the environment. When people become self-aware and opt for items that are not overly packaged, they reduce the harm to the environment. Grocery stores both online and offline sell items in maxi size packages and these have considerably less packaging in them. Buying such products helps reduce the packaging per item in the grocery products.

Buying less processed organic food

The general rule of thumb is that more processing means more carbon footprint. Processing takes a lot of work often by machines, which tend to run on electricity or fossil fuels. Processed foods certainly have advantages like increased calories, taste improvements. Certain additives decrease the perishability of the grocery product. These certainly indicate that processed foods are here to stay, but non-processed foods also offer advantages. It has been known for quite some time that organic non-processed grocery is beneficial for human health and the environment.

Delivery without Delay

The prospect of next-day or even same-day delivery has become popular in the online grocery market. This is because such delivery strategies reduce the level of waste, which is a major component of environmental harm. Wastage of grocery items has a consistently negative effect on the environment, as it produces methane gas when it goes through the decomposition process. Methane is a known contributor to global climate change, and its effects are even greater than that are of carbon dioxide. Delivery without delay is one of the features of eco-friendly grocery shopping that is adopted by online grocery stores.

Grocery shopping can be made more eco-friendly by making a lot of consistent better choices during the shopping process. Essentially, these are the essential features when eco-friendly shopping practices can even be imagined. Nature is responsible for most human protection, and without it, we become underhanded, even with technology. Thus people need to incorporate these features into their life.


Grocery shopping is an essential and inevitable practice as a result of living in modern times. However, when it is done without concern for the environment, it can prove dangerous to both ourselves and the environment. By incorporating essential features of eco-friendliness into grocery shopping, we can help increase the balance in the world. FoodRunner is the same-day pickup and delivery service for grocery items, and it is based in Canada. It encourages eco friendly shopping features all over the country when it provides such services.

Victor Denisewitsch