The grocery industry has been highly competitive with low margin prospects. However, technological innovations have given ample opportunities to retailers to go digital and reach a significant consumer base with potential business models. Thus, digital transformation has become a new essential factor of the grocery ecosystem. It helps in the evolution of business operations and accommodates the latest trends. The traditional grocery business form has been outdated, paving the way for online grocery store London Ontario. Transforming the entire business model into digital platforms assists in increasing work productivity, delivering exclusive experiences that engage the customers into it.

The year 2020 has evinced the rising usage of online ecommerce and grocery platforms in more than 213 countries all over the world. Owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus, people feel safe in getting doorstep delivery of products and services without going out to supermarket stores. Recently, relaxations have been put on restrictions but the Covid-19 threat has forced people to maintain the same social distancing rules everywhere. Adapting to the new normal people have started opting for online platforms for products as well as services. On one hand, when the pandemic has put a closure to the business actions, it has opened doors for retailers to accelerate their digital transformation services. This will not only help them to thrive in the pandemic economical crisis but also help consumers get their groceries to their doorstep.

Why Digital Transformation for Grocery Retailers is Significant?

A Post-pandemic World

Life after a pandemic can be completely different and may lead to many challenges such as financial disasters and frequent questions on personal security. Complete lifestyle change is what people evinced post the pandemic. The digital buying of different products and online ecommerce platforms have seen an upsurge and this is the moment when businesses should continue their digital transformation processes. People find it easier to use online platforms as they are convenient, easy to order, efficient delivery of groceries, online product catalogs, and many more. During the pandemic, many businesses suffered setbacks and their recovery to the previous stage is way more difficult than ever.

The on-demand online grocery store London Ontario is one of the fastest-growing online grocery stores that offer better customer experience, easy grocery ordering, and delivery services. Thus, the digital platform of the grocery retail business has a lot more prospects as compared to the traditional business arena.

A digital presence helps businesses to thrive

While surveying the business statistics during the end of 2020, it has been seen that retail and grocery businesses with a digital presence are already stepped ahead in the curve. Digital platforms make the business functioning smoothly and all operations efficient. The companies and brands that are digitally advanced have begun to catch the market scenario. When the entire world stayed quarantined in their homes, digital platforms delivered essential food, groceries, and retail items to houses. It has been found that a significant number of retailers opt for closing business or file bankruptcy. In order to thrive in this kind of critical situation, digital transformation is relevant to support you during dire circumstances.

Easy and secure payment methods

Online grocery platforms serve useful in the face of the pandemic in many ways. It became difficult for people to bring cash from banks or ATMs and pay to the merchant in exchange for products. This problem is solved by the online payment feature integration. With the help of online payment systems, consumers can make easy and seamless payments through credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, and many other options. This enforced the contactless payments which are integrated by experienced developers ensuring a secure paying interface. Another relevant aspect of this system is that every time when you checkout after placing orders, you don't have to enter the card details as the previous order saved it to the interface. This makes it user-friendly giving a better consumer experience than ever.

Loyalty options

Loyalty programs are a relevant way through which businesses can engage more consumers in their platform. They are useful in drawing customers’ attention towards the digital business and help in improving sales. According to the latest study, more than 75% of customers engage themselves in loyalty programs and gift cards. Redeeming these options they can opt for cost reduction in the next purchase.

What supermarkets can do to adapt to consumer demands?

Th post-covid situation has taught people many facets of ups and down within the blink of an eye. However, the pre-covid time was a completely different era. People have accustomed themselves to digital platforms and begin to depend on doorstep delivery of the ordered products. Today, consumers have already changed their mode of buying products and also have become experts in online ordering. Thus, it is high time that supermarkets must go digital and get online exposure to a huge customer base.

How Supermarkets can go digital?

As a result of the huge inventory management, supermarkets find it difficult to achieve the desired digital transformation. Piling up more than 50,000 distinct items in order to support the online services can be non-functional. Therefore, the platform should be built in a way to provide easy navigation and product browsing options for consumers. If the product data are powered by AI tools and technologies, then it becomes easier for supermarkets and stores to accomplish digital transformation.


Digital transformation has been able to bring an imperative change to the way the business operates in the grocery industry. The new market scenario is filled with global competitors, existing or new, and grocery retailers must remain prepared to meet the changing demands of consumers across the globe. When online grocery store London Ontario can give you purchasing experience from the safety and comfort of your home, then consumers forget the pre-covid offline shopping. As people are more concerned about their health and ready to take precautionary steps, consumers are avoiding going out to stores; they are adopting online methods to avail of every service and product at home. Foodrunner is the best online grocery ordering and delivery system in London, Ontario that provides the finest grocery products to customers and delivers to their doorstep.

Victor Denisewitsch