Durofoam EPS Rigid Insulation 96Inch X 48Inch X 1.5Inch

  • CAD 29.99

DuroFoam Insulation reduces heating and cooling costs. DuroFoam is a closed cell Expanded Polystyrene Insulation that is locally manufactured. DuroFoam Insulation has a film on both sides which allows for ease of use and installation. It is flexible and e

  1. Application Specific Instruction sheets attached
  1. Special order sizes also available – stop by your Home Depot Contractor Services Desk for information
  1. Meets building code requirements for roofs, walls (interior & exterior) and foundations
  1. Easy to install, flexible and applicator friendly
  1. Most durable rigid insulation available
  1. Guaranteed R-Value for the life of the product

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