SONOpan Light-Weight Soundproofing Panels 4 x 8 x ¾

  • CAD 35.55

"Did you hear that? You wouldnt have with SONOpan soundproofing panels. From homes to commercial buildings, SONOpan is a versatile and affordable solution that can double the soundproofing of any wall or ceiling assembly. Its easily installed in both new construction or retrofit applications and ideal for basements, multi-dwelling buildings, offices, home theatres, bathrooms and more. SONOpan soundproofing panels are produced by MSL and made in Canada. The eco-friendly panels are made using 100% recycled wood, are Zero VOC and contain no glues, chemicals or added formaldehyde. Wherever you need peace and harmony, you need SONOpan. With SONOpan, you wont believe what youre not hearing."

  1. "SONOpan uses innovative Noise STOP Technology. Over 17,000 impressions are made in each panel, allowing SONOpan to absorb a wide range of sound frequencies including low bass frequencies, the most difficult to capture for unbelievable soundproofing results. "
  1. SONOpan panels are practical, lightweight and simple to install behind drywall an ideal soundproofing solution for any room, home or building.
  1. Simply adding SONOpan to one side of a wall or ceiling will effectively soundproof both sides.
  1. Many homeowners dont consider the importance of soundproofing. When it comes to detached residential housing for example, there is no code for soundproofing. And in multi-residential situations, minimum code simply doesnt cut it. Just ask anyone whos had to deal with loud neighbours, kids playing video games in the basement or trouble sleeping due to noise in the house. SONOpan soundproofing is perfect whether you need peace and quiet, or your family does.
  1. INSTALLATION: SONOpan panels are easy to install and secure with drywall screws or pneumatic staples. Most noise issues can be easily addressed using a combination of readily available materials such as fiberglass or wool insulation, SONOpan and Drywall. Whether youre constructing a new house, retrofitting an office or building a recording studio, SONOpan is the solution for all your soundproofing needs.
  1. Its easy to make noisy neighbours and noisy traffic a thing of the past with SONOPAN soundproofing panels. No matter what your noise problem, SONOPAN is the right soundproofing solution for you.

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