OSB 1/4 4x8 Oriented Strand Board

  • CAD 29.99

Panel that is easy to cut, drill and nail for projects not requiring structural panels. 1/4 OSB panels are manufactured using wood strands and waterproof adhesives, and do not contain added urea-formaldehyde resins. The wood strands are arranged in cross-oriented layers to provide strength and performance properties similar to an equivalent thicknesses of plywood. The result is a wood panel that is consistent in quality with no core voids. No special tools are required to work with the panels.

  1. Can be painted with high quality acrylic latex primers and paints
  1. Panel is sized to allow 1/8 inch spacing for installation
  1. Makes an ideal utility panel
  1. Sized to allow 1/8 in. spacing for installation

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