Technology is usually defined as the sum total of all the techniques, procedures and methods that one may use to successfully complete a complex goal. Technology has always been at the forefront of human success. From the complex workings of a logistics system that helps complete deliveries in the modern world most effectively to the unimpressive procedures that ancient people used to filter water out of rivers, all of these are examples of technology that have helped men defeat their obstacles. Grocery shopping is an everyday task that may not look like much, but when you can understand that most modern human beings do the activity everyday, you begin to see the need of technology that helps them get their daily grocery produce in order.

Grocery shopping was a previously offline venture where store owners would sell grocery to the consumers every morning. They would have their stock by networking with local grocery producers or major outlets where grocery would be stored. Although this method would work, the consumers would be faced with the pressure to get to the grocery store first, as only those that would come first would have the opportunity to get the most fresh quality produce. There was also a possibility that the latecomers would not get their grocery items. All this has changed since the arrival of online grocery stores that use delivery agents to get the fresh groceries to their consumers. The quality is maintained through a strong interconnected network between the stores and the local grocery producers, and efficiency of delivery is also increased through technology.

Future of Online Grocery Shopping

Although grocery shopping online has already become very efficient, technology has come to the rescue for already existing problems that are still in the system. The ease of use component is also important, and the services competing for the title of best online grocery delivery service in London have all been trying to get hold and implement these new strategies. Following are some technologies used in grocery delivery in the modern age that continue to push it further.

Improved logistics solutions

The logistics solutions have increasingly become technology dependent and more technologies are added to increase the efficiency of the delivery systems. The speed of delivery is increased through what is called route optimization. Route optimization is the technology that is used by delivery agents to increase their efficiency of delivery. Almost all of the online grocery delivery services also use mobile applications that help the consumer find their order quickly. Together such technologies eliminate any misplacement or delays in orders of grocery. Such logistics technologies also make sure that consumers get their groceries regularly.

Voice order

This is a new trend in the online grocery delivery industry and the best online grocery delivery service in London, Ontario needs to have this technology. Voice order as the title says allows a consumer to find their favorite grocery item just by their voice. This technology can come installed on the custom apps many such stores offer to their customers, or a separate installation that works in tandem with the online grocery delivery service. It also helps accessibility to people who otherwise find it difficult to use such services.

 foodrunner voice order

Artificial intelligence

This is a major technological trend that has affected the online grocery delivery service. From logistics solutions to the personalization services for individual customers artificial intelligence helps such services under the hood. The way this works is through machine generated algorithms that work toward a specific goal. Personalization, which is catering items differently to every customer, is incredibly helpful both to the customer and the grocery delivery service. Personalization helps in better engagement with the customer and more customer loyalty.

Hydroponic produce

Technology also helps the best grocery service in London in other, indirect ways. One of the biggest problems that the grocery delivery services face is the lack of grocery items to deliver for the majority of the population. Hydroponic produce has emerged as an answer to this. It is a vertical farming technique which enables the produce to be grown on as little area as possible. Multiple of such farms can grow enough produce to be delivered to an entire sector of a city. Moreover, the quality of such produce is easily comparable to traditionally grown groceries and increasing effort is made to incorporate this technique to grow all kinds of groceries.



Automation technology is another one of those long standing trends that has its hands in the online grocery delivery services. While the services may be online, physically, groceries must still be stored, maintained and packaged in large warehouses. This process which was handled by human beings before has now shifted to being almost automatic. The warehouse is fit with robots that package and move items to their locations using conveyor systems. The warehouses are also fitted with software that can determine the various stock requirements through the software alone.


The technologies that grocery delivery services use have now become more widespread and help the consumers and such businesses in a deeper level and it appears that it likely will be that way in the coming years.


Technology has been a marker of development for so many different things and it is no different for grocery stores. Grocery stores, which were previously only found offline have now transferred to the online environment and have become the norm. Technology continues to push the efficiency and quality of the grocery delivery service further through new innovations. FoodRunner is a canadian grocery pickup and delivery service that operates online and provides services to people around the country. It is the best online grocery delivery service in London, Ontario at the moment because of its advanced technology architecture that it uses to deliver services faster than any other similar service. The online store also operates with the help of many local crop production groups and thus the service also helps distribution of produce in the right manner.

Victor Denisewitsch